Hot Tub Repair: What To Do About A Broken Hot Tub Blower


Any time an appliance breaks down in your home, it can be irritating. For many situations, you’ll be stuck calling a repair company, spending extra money, and even then sometimes it will break down again. Sometimes, the best way to get something done right is to do it yourself. If you have a hot tub, this is especially true; hot tub repairs can end up being fairly costly. Here’s a bit of information on your hot tub blower and what to do when it’s time to repair or replace it.

What Is A Hot Tub Blower? Do I Even Have One?

A hot tub blower uses a fan to blow air in through the jets of a hot tub to create bubbles. It is sometimes referred to as an air pump or bubbler due to the bubbles it creates in the hot tub. A hot tub blower is not to be confused with the hot tub jets itself; while a majority of hot tubs have jets, not all hot tubs with jets will have a hot tub blower.

What Do I Do When It Breaks?

A hot tub blower can break in one of several ways, depending on which part of it is faulty. A hot tub blower’s fan wheel consists of a hub and a number of attached blades, which can be arranged forward-curved, backward-curved, or radial. If there’s damage to the fan blades or a part of the motor, it might be tempting to try to replace just the single broken piece. However, this will likely end up being more costly than simply replacing the unit altogether.

When replacing the hot tub blower, be sure all electricity is turned completely off before starting. Because this repair involves electricity and water in close quarters, you will need to be extremely careful. Remove the broken hot tub blower and check the voltage on it before purchasing your new unit. Install your new unit carefully and keep all electrical parts dry before testing it.

If you’re worried about managing this repair on your own, call a technician to make sure the unit is replaced safely and properly. Otherwise, repair your hot tub blower with caution, and enjoy the savings on repairing this appliance.'

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